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Proles of the Round Table

Sep 25, 2019

Way back in November of 2018, before we got mics that sounded good, we did an installment of our Patreon-exclusive Dialectics After Dark episodes and we had a lengthy segment talking about the biography of John Brown and the raid on Harper's Ferry. (This episode is so old that Hayder is on it!)

John Brown is back in the...

Sep 15, 2019

In this one, we sat down with Colette to discuss the history of democratic centralism, and how it has been developed over the years, as well as other forms of democracy from ostensibly socialist origins.

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Sep 1, 2019

In this one, we sat down with Clara Sorrenti of the Canadian Communist Party to talk about a few important historical figures in the Canadian Communist movement, as well as answer some AMA questions. **Correction: Canada entered WW2 when Britain did, but the Communist Party didn't support the war until after the...