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Proles of the Round Table

May 17, 2019

In this episode, we sat down with the man, the myth, the legend: Grover Furr himself. We chatted about his newest book, Stalin: Waiting for...the Truth, which is a clap-back at Stephen Kotkin's dishonest biography "Stalin: Waiting for Hitler". We also talked about Anti-communism in general, as well as the importance of Stalin's legacy and why he isn't, as many people accuse him of, a "Stalin apologist." It's spicy as hell, so buckle up.


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Direct Source Documents/Topics discussed in the show:

Frinovsky's Statement

Budyonny's Letter to Voroshilov concerning the military conspiracy

Transcript of the Tukhachevsky Trial in Russian

Suggested Reading:

Which you can get from Red Star PublishersErythos Press,  or Amazon

Stalin: Waiting for...the Truth by Grover Furr

The Moscow Trials as Evidence by Grover Furr

Trotsky's Collaboration with Germany and Japan by Grover Furr

The Fraud of the Dewey Commission by Grover Furr

The Mystery of the Katyn Massacre by Grover Furr


Intro music: 

"Proles Pod Theme" by Ransom Notes

Outro music:

"Soviet National Anthem" by the Red Army Choir