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Proles of the Round Table

Sep 27, 2018

Spicy content warning! Join the proles as they unveil the hilarious, soon-to-be patreon-only spinoff, Dialectics After Dark, where we read through headlines and news and react, let our hair down and spend a little more time being ridiculous. Being that this is our first run-through with this format, please forgive...

Sep 15, 2018

Grab your favorite beer...or coffee...or chocolate milk, and join the Proles w/ special guests Coffee With Comrades, as they discuss some current events, The Paris Commune, and some spicy discussions about the dictatorship of the proletariat!

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Sep 1, 2018

Gather around the table and join the Proles as special guest Brett from Rev Left Radio comes on to discuss Mao and the Cultural Revolution!


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