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Proles of the Round Table

Feb 1, 2019

We go through the life of actor, singer, civil rights activist, and communist Paul Robeson and talk about how he laid the groundwork for the civil rights movement in the US, how the capitalist powers tried to destroy him, and why it's important for us to remember him.

Update: we did more research and found the colleges that wouldn't play Rutgers b/c Robeson was on the football team! William & Mary, Georgia Tech, and Washington & Lee

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Suggested Listening:

"Joe Hill"
"Anthem of the Soviet Union"
"Shlof, Mein Kind"
"The Volga Boatmen"
"Go Down Moses" 

Suggested Reading:

Paul Robeson, Martin Bruml Duberman,
Paul Robeson: The Artist as Revolutionary, Gerald Horne
Paul Robeson: A Watched Man, Jordan Goodman
Paul Robeson's Testimony before HUAC, 1956 

Outro music:

"Old Man River" - Paul Robeson